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Roger Boye joined the ranks of Northwestern University’s emeritus faculty in 2005.

He continues to direct the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute (previously called the Journalism Division of the National High School Institute), and serves as faculty chair of Northwestern’s Communications Residential College.

As faculty chair, Roger provides support to members of the executive board in the operation of the residential college, and organizes faculty-led events and excursion for the residential college's members.



Charles Whitaker is a Charles Deering McCormick Distinguished Clinical Professor.  Since joining the Medill faculty in 1993, he has taught courses in news writing, magazine writing, magazine editing and blogging.

The Associate Chair is ordinarily a full-time faculty member who is selected by the Faculty Chair from among the college’s fellows to share some of the Faculty Chair's responsibilities and can take on projects such as language tables, helping recruit fellows, organizing excursions, or teaching a residential college seminar.

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Sarahmaria Gomez is a multimedia freelance journalist based in Chicago. She is co-owner of Tu Multimedia, an organization that specializes in Internet storytelling through audio, video and photography.

The Associate Chair is ordinarily a full-time faculty member who is selected by the Faculty Chair from among the college’s fellows to share some of the Faculty Chair's responsibilities and can take on projects such as language tables, helping recruit fellows, organizing excursions, or teaching a residential college seminar.

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Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin, ASSISTANT CHAIR

Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin, is about to start her second year in the Media, Technology and Society PhD Program where her research interests focus on news content. Before coming to Northwestern, she worked for four years at CBS National News.

As the assistant chair of CRC, Chelsea works closely with Roger Boye, the faculty chair of CRC, and members of the executive board to help support the CRC community. Her primary responsibility includes scheduling lunches with faculty and fellows, organizing trips and tours for CRC, and buying food and tea for the residential college's weekly ThursTea Thursday.




Anna Cohen, President

Hey everybody! I’m Anna Cohen and I’m your 2018-2019 CRC President!

I’m a Theatre major from Long Island, New York, but you’ll probably catch me pretending I’m from New York City. I love all kinds of art, stress-relief sing-alongs, and yelling Jeopardy answers back at the TV! Here at Northwestern I am also the publicity chair of the student theatre board Lovers&Madmen because Shakespeare is my homie.

Around CRC you can find me playing Just Dance on the Wii, singing at the piano, or screening RuPaul’s Drag Race. Come talk to me any time!

As President, Anna presides over executive board meetings and All-College Meetings, represents the Communications Residential College on the Residential College Board and during University events, oversees residential college activities, ensures officers fulfill their responsibilities, and organizes CRC's internal elections


Cas Pent, Vice President

Hi! I’m Cas Pent and I’m the CRC Vice President this year (the weird Crc VicePe on Facebook).

I consider myself to be a Florida native (central but not Orlando), however my family has lived in Indianapolis for the past 6 years now. I’m a Theatre and Math double major (no, I don’t know how those things work together) but I would love to speak French with anybody who’s interested! 

I’m a nerd through and through, so I’m open to discussion about anything! My door is always (figuratively) open, you just have to knock.

As Vice President, Cas keeps track of points for all CRC members, administers the yearly housing lottery, coordinates housing assignments for returning CRC members, and acts as the president if and when necessary.


Sarah Springhorn, Treasurer

Hey friends! I'm Sarah and I'll be your treasurer. Most of my work takes place behind the scenes as I try to prevent CRC from going CRbankrupt.

I'm from St. Paul, Minnesota and yes, my favorite children's game was called "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck." Here at Northwestern, I'm a Theatre major who is also interested in marketing. In my (admittedly limited) free time, I love watching old Saturday Night Live clips, crushing my friends in Just Dance 3, and sleeping. 

I'm super excited to meet everyone!

As treasurer, Sarah maintains CRC's financial records, receives and disburses funds at the direction of the executive board, and works with the Student Organization Finance Office to manage CRC's accounts.


Roxanne Panas, Secretary

Hello, CRC! I'm Roxanne, your 2018-19 secretary! I'll be writing and dispersing the meeting minutes and the Tinkle Times, both of which you can read whenever you hit the stalls. 

I'm a Medill student from New Berlin, Wisconsin (Milwaukee area). I do call it a bubbler, I do drink milk with dinner, and I do pronounce "bag," "bayg." I'm always down to chat about writing, dairy, alternative/indie music, sea creatures, Disney's Treasure Planet, outdated memes ... etc.

Please knock on my door or find me in a lounge! I'm always here to talk, usually into the ridiculously late hours of the night.

As secretary, Roxanne records the minutes for executive board meetings and for All-College Meetings, and disperses the minutes for All-College Meetings through CRC, typically within the bathroom stalls.


Marissa Martinez, Academic Chair

Hey, CRC! My name is Marissa Martinez, the 2018-19 Academic Chair. I plan academic (and not-so-academic) events for the community, as well as interact with all the lovely faculty members associated with our dorm. I study journalism and am interested in Spanish and sociology, among other potential minors.

I’m from Chicago, IL and I will never shut up about it — you can tell by my slight Inland Northern American English accent. When I’m not up late working for the Daily Northwestern, I can be found staying up for 40 hours straight, sleeping for 40 hours straight, watching TV into late hours of the night (ask me for recommendations! I have seen every show ever) or making ramen the way my Korean ancestors wanted me to. See you at a fireside!

As the academic chair, Marissa organizes and publicizes firesides and other academic activities at CRC, recruits and retains faculty fellows in conjunction with the Faculty Chair and Executive Board, and supplements the relationship between the Assistant Chair and faculty fellows.


Mia Mamone, Philanthropy Chair

Hello friends! My name is Mia Mamone. I'm from Noble, Oklahoma, but I like to tell people I'm from Norman because it is marginally more relevant. Ask me about ranch dressing and the Land Run of 1889! I'm a journalism major, but my first love is literature -- I have been known to write Young Adult novels in my spare time (which is, admittedly, very rare these days). I love Harry Potter, literary-inspired webseries, ramen of all levels of quality, and the Oxford comma -- AP style be damned. (Sorry, Roger, I know that hurts.) 

A recovering quizbowl nerd, I am likely playing HQ with pals come 8 p.m. or getting sucked into Wikipedia wormholes literally any time of day. I will always be happy to talk about Hairspray (2007) or my Pomeranian, Maggie. 

As the philanthropy chair, Mia organizes and publicizes philanthropic activities and opportunities for CRC members at on-campus and off-campus locations, and organizes one major CRC philanthropy event every quarter.


Maia Brown, Social Chair

Hey y’all! I’m Maia and I’m so excited to be your social chair for the 2018-2019 school year! I hope to get to know all of you and welcome you to the CRCommunity through free munchies, formal, and tons of other fun games and events.

I’m a proud southerner from Greensboro, North Carolina, and I literally never shut up about it. I’m also a journalism student and campus activist. My other interests include pancakes, Reese Witherspoon movies, procrastination, and Dance Dance Revolution. I also love making new friends, so if you ever need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to hit me up! I’m here for y’all 24/7, and I can’t wait for you to become a part of our fun little family!

As one of the two Social Chairs, Maia plans and organizes a social event for the residential college at least once every two weeks for a minimum of four per quarter, and also provides food for munchies and coordinates one major social event every quarter.


Jessica Liu, Social Chair

Hey CRCers! I'm Jessica Liu, a journalism major (Asian American Studies Minor and IMC Certificate... phew) who hails from the great town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philly. My blood consists of 90 percent bubble tea, and an embarrassing fact about myself is that I once broke my pinky toe after slipping on an extra large Snuggie. Although I don't have much time or energy for pleasure reading anymore, my favorite book is The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I literally cannot shut up about the importance of Asian skincare, the intricacies of Google Calendar, or the joys of multicultural Greek life on campus. Come knock on my door at any time for some Hot Cheetos, unwanted life advice, and terrible music. 


As one of the two Social Chairs, Jessica plans and organizes a social event for the residential college at least once every two weeks for a minimum of four per quarter, and also provides food for munchies and coordinates one major social event every quarter.


Alex DIckey, Tech Chair

Hey kids. My name is Alex Dickey, your 2018-19 tech chair. I'm the guy you call when things are sparking, breaking, flashing, shrieking, or otherwise broken in our home sweet home. 

I'm a journalism student from New Mexico, and I find the weather in this part of the country abysmal. My favorite topics of conversation include Mexican food, poetry, musicals, and complaining about virtually everything. You can find my heels click clacking about our building at virtually all hours of the day, come scream with me!

As Tech Chair, Dickey is responsible for the general upkeep of CRC's equipment rooms and facilities, buying new equipment and supplies, and administering the CRC film grant.



CRC has a team of wonderful faculty fellows, with expertise ranging from film and tv to journalism to geology, and more.

Periodically, fellows join the student community at lunch in the CRC room at the 1835 Hinman dining hall or offer firesides at which students can join them in an informal setting to discuss a chosen topic.

Our fellows also offer one seminar or class every quarter that is open exclusively to CRC members.

William (Bill) Bleich

Senior Lecturer


Alan Cubbage

Vice President of University Relations

Rachel Fobar

Project Coordinator

Medill Justice Project

Ava Greenwell


Broadcast Journalism

Alexandria Johnson

Program Assistant

Center for Civic Engagement

John Kupetz

Adjunct Lecturer


Rachel Davis Mersey

Associate Professor


Freda Love Smith

Academic Advisor and Lecturer

Radio/TV/ Film

Jeremy Birnholtz

Assistant Professor

Communication Studies

Catherine Carrigan

Academic Advisor and Lecturer


Chaz Evans



Darren Gergle

Associate Professor

Communications Studies

Robert Gundlach

Director, Professor

Writing Program, Linguistics

Donna Jurdy


Earth & Planetary Sciences

Jon Marshall

Director, Assistant Professor

Graduate Journalism program, journalism

Whitney Pow

Graduate Student

Radio/TV/ Film