ACM (All College Meeting)

A weekly meeting in the main lounge on Sunday evenings that is open to all CRC residents during which the Executive Board and Chelsea and Roger give information and updates on events and other things happening in CRC. There are also fun games at the end during which residents can win prizes!


Our war cry. Use it frequently, loudly, lovingly.


These events are organized by CRC’s Academic Chair who gets cool people to come talk to us about interesting subjects; everything from comic books to movies to sign language to wolf snails. There’s something for everyone.

IM Sports

Play sports.  Win glory for CRC. This past year, we played dodgeball, flag football, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, softball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.

Kicking the Ball of Life Trophy. Awarded at every ACM to someone who did something epic or something pathetic in the week before.



Dorm-wide food fests. Free food. You read that right.  Free.  Food.


Someone who doesn’t live in CRC but has a key and participates in our events because of how utterly fantastic CRC is.


A top-secret CRC tradition/adventure at the beginning of the year.


The more points you have, the earlier you get to choose your room for next year.  You get points for attending ACMs and dorm events and doing philanthropic things.


A 50-hour radio marathon/fundraiser at the end of Fall Quarter benefiting the American Heart Association. Prepare yourself.


Residential College Board. They host events like dances, field days, and more that bring the res colleges together.



A casual event where you spontaneously decide to watch a movie in the BSR or TSR.  If you advertise the movie on the Facebook page, it officially becomes a Recog and you can earn points for it!


Return to the King

Another CRSecret tradition.  Watch out for it during Wildcat Welcome.